Lost Horse Festival 2011

The Ho’s and I went over for the annual Lost Horse Festival outside of Hamilton, MT.  It was a little warm and a lot smokey, but we perservered and all three of us had a great day.  Ho was inspired by my last post and won the competition, Sarah climbed awesome (two V5s!) and got second place in the woman’s category behind local crusher Molly Rennie, and I had the best single day of bouldering in my life.  I did two old projects first go and sent three new “projects” quickly.  Here’s some photos:

the Ho-Mobile

The Taco Bus in Dillon - Amazing Mexican Food - GO HERE!

Smokey Bitterroot

Myself finishing up 'Spread Em Stand' (photo by SHo)

Ho falling asleep on V7

He's awake!

Sarah on the super-classic 'the Rail'

Myself on 'Montana Meathook' (photo by SHo)


The EC top-out (photo by SHo)

Ho on 'Beautiful People'

Ho and I finished out the weekend Sunday morning by getting crushed by the old-school slab classic ‘the Parrot’.  I actually have no idea if this is “old-school” but it seems that every climb like this is.  Both of us got it, but it did not go easily…

EC - 'the Parrot' (photo by Ho)

Ho - 'the Parrot'

Ho - 'the Parrot'

Ho - 'the Parrot'

EC - 'the Parrot' (photo by Ho)


EC - 'the Parrot' (photo by Ho)


Big Thanks to Corey Piersol for organizing such a cool gathering!



One response to “Lost Horse Festival 2011

  1. nice job on spread’em! now go for the 3rd ascent of the sit 😉

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