Old Baldy, SD

Took last week off of work and went on a little road trip.  First up was one of the most under-rated granite bouldering destinations in the west – Old Baldy, SD.  Old Baldy is basically located at Mount Rushmore right in the middle of tons of other excellent climbing (check out the new Spearfish sport climbing guide – WOW!).  Excellent course sandpaper granite slopers and crimps.  I think the Black Hills granite is the roughest rock I’ve bouldered on – it wears your skin off like nothing else.  I spent 2 days here and 4 days bouldering elsewhere and my skin/fingertips actually improved throughout the trip because I’d started at such a rough area.  I would highly recommend a trip here, especially if you throw in the sport climbing at Rushmore and Spearfish and the spicey trad throughout the Hills.  Check it out!  Here’s a few pics and a video I put together:

Rushmore - Old Baldy is out of the photo to the right


Next up – Rocky Mountain National Park, CO…


One response to “Old Baldy, SD

  1. Nice job Erik!
    You are a lone wolf, leaving a trail of crushed boulders in your wake.

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