Epic Showdown at the Northern Bourbons

The 2nd annual Butte Bouldering Bash was held last weekend at the Northern Bourbons and it was a battle royale – EC vs. the Ho-Master aka David vs. Goliath.  What possible chance could I have against this guy:

The Ho-Master in all of his glory

Most everyone started off the comp near the tents, including Ho on Dim Sum at the On-On Tea Room.  He was giving good burns while it baked directly in the sun.  Not looking good for EC…

Ho-Master on Dim Sum...

Some creepy guy


Creepy guy - "I found a crack."

I was given a glimmer of hope when I found out that the comp was best ten problems, not five.  Maybe Ho wouldn’t realize it and he’d stop at five problems.  I had work to do.  Things started well for me, I cruised around and managed to pull off a few harder problems – Special Reserve, Alien Nation, Lateral Dyno, and the excellent new-ish problem Discus.

Peder on Discus

Aaron on Discus

While walking around between problems, I would see the Ho-Master on a different project each time, most likely crushing one then moving onto the next.  I was hosed, I just had to fill out my card with as many moderates as I could muster and hope that Ho wouldn’t beat me too bad.  Well, we headed back and tallied the scores…



Drum Roll.




H0-Master    –    9,800 points

EC           –           44,000 points


No, that’s not a typo.  Official, undisputed, undeniable proof that I am 4.5 times better at bouldering than Ho.  Boo-yah!

In all seriousness, thanks to Tom and everyone else who helped make this great event happen.  Looking forward to next year already!  Tom’s got a bunch of other photos from the event here.


4 responses to “Epic Showdown at the Northern Bourbons

  1. you dirty rotten b@stard…

  2. i think jeff thought he only had to do 2 problems…

  3. Haha, hey Jeff thanks for the excellent spot btw!

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