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More from Smith!

As promised, here’s some more photos from Smith:

Peder walking up Dreamin’ (5.12a R)

Peder – Scarface (5.14a)

Peder – Scarface (5.14a)

Peder – Scarface (5.14a)

1st class seat in Vandalf

Peder – Explosive Energy Child (5.10d R)

Jess – Heresy (5.11c)

Why you so wet Berkley?


Chillin’ halfway up Spiderman (5.7), photo by Jess

Attentive belay for Peder…  (photo by Jess)

Jess – Screaming Yellow Zonkers (5.10b)

Jess – Screaming Yellow Zonkers (5.10b)

EC – Heresy (5.11c), photo by Jess

Not quite bouldering, but hopefully it’ll keep ya’ psyched.




Breaking news from Smith Rock…

Peder Groseth, formerly from Bozeman, MT, currently from a van down by the river, has sent Scarface (the first 5.14 put up by an American!) at Smith Rock State Park, OR.  Yes, this is the Infamous Tall Basterd that put up such Whiskey Gulch classics as ‘Chocolate’ and ‘the Young and the Breastless.’  While spending last weekend in Smith with the Groseths, I was able to sit down with Peder for a short interview:

EC: “Peder, do you have any rituals that help you send?”

PG: “So I wake in the morning and step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high and I scream to the top of my lungs – what’s going on?”

EC: “Hmmm, interesting.  Do you try hard when you climb at Smith?”

PG: “I try.  Oh my god do I try.  I try so hard, in this institution.”

EC: “Institution?  Ummm, ok…  Any future projects?”

PG: “Nope, I’ve climbed everything in the U.S. except Jumbo Love (5.15b) and I’m saving that for the flash.  I’ll probably just take it easy and lay down some phat beats for my new arena jam.”


Unfortunately, I didn’t take notes during the interview, so it may or may not be factually accurate, but I think that was the gist of it.  Here’s a few photos I snapped of Peder a few days ago – not technically the send, but still looking strong:

Scarface 5.14a

the Scarface swing

Peder at his mixing table. His single will be dropping soon at a sporting event near you.

I’m still on the road, so I’ll post up a bunch more (and better!) photos upon my return.  Congrats Peder!

And congrats to Jess too for sending the neighboring run-out route Dreamin’.  Dreamin’ is one of the most aesthetic lines I’ve seen and it’s got a somewhat obtainable grade (12a), but there’s larges portions with 15-20′ run-outs on 5.11 slab.  I was too intimidated to even top-rope it.  I wasn’t there, but I’m guessing Jess made it look casual.

Nice work guys!  This one’s for you two: