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Caught in the Act-ion

Whiskey season is in full effect.  As I said in my last post, Ho did the top-out to “Caught in the Act” last week, calling it “the Thing” V8.  Finishing what he started, Ho went back on Sunday and completed the sit start to “the Thing” naming it “the Thing with Two Heads” V9.  He also did the long awaited full line of “Caught in the Act” into “the Thing” calling it “Caught in the Thing” V10.

Missing out on all the action at Whiskey, I spent the weekend down in Cody.  Here’s a video that I put together of a few of the problems I did.

Lastly, I didn’t include Jon Scott, “JS”, in the setters for FGD in my last post cause I didn’t have a photo of him that would do him justice.  But, I did a quick search of the old interweb and scrounged one up.



See y’all at FGD X!


A Day At Cody

Ho and I made a day trip up to Cody on Saturday to sample some cowboy sandstone.  We met up with the local guidebook author Mike Snyder and his friend Dylan.  We warmed up at the Cheese boulder, one of my favorite warm-up boulders anywhere, then moved on to the Ripper Point boulder, where I sent the Ripper Point thanks to some good beta from Mike & Dylan.

Then we moved on to the the Batcave where Ho, Mike, & Dylan made quick work of Two Face.  We finished up on the Good Foote boulder.  I think Ho and I were both a little car-lagged from getting up early and driving 3 hours, but it still ended up being a fun day with good weather and good people.  I didn’t take as may photos as I should have, but here’s a few of Mike and Ho on Two Face in the Batcave.






Cody Day 1 & Bozeman 5.13 Craziness

I finally finished up the video from my first day of bouldering in Cody a couple weeks ago.  I started off the day by finally trying the Cheese Traverse.  I never tried it mostly because I’m scared of any problems that are longer than 3 moves.  Well, I warmed up then figured out the moves and sent it.  Even though it’s a traverse, it’s easily one of the best problems on Cedar Mtn.  Perfect rock and really fun moves.  Next up was Medusa, one of my 3 main goals for the trip.  For me the problem came down to sticking the first move, then it’s 4 or 5 more painful crimp moves until the juggy finish.  I only stuck the first move twice, falling off the last move the first time.  I just about gave up because the problem was so hard on my fingers.  I gave it another go and sent.  I’m glad I did it, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to others.  I finished up with Kissing Cozzens, a hard dynamic problem that was really good.  Here’s the vid:

Also congrats to the rediculous amount of 5.13 sends recently for Bozemanites.  There’s been at least 8 different Boze-men who have sent a 13 in the last few weeks.  Some of the more notable ascents include:  Kyle Vassilopoulis got the FA of the Cube arete project in the Gallatin Canyon naming it “Occam’s Razor” (5.13d), Joe Meiners sent the Ho-Master’s Gallatin Tower testpiece “Ten Pin” (5.13c) for it’s third (?) ascent, and Kevin Macartney FLASHED “Neutral Spirit” a long 5.13a in Ten Sleep.  Daaaammmmnnnnn!  I’m just hoping to send a couple 5.11s this year…  Congrats guys, keep up the good work!

Stay tuned for one more vid from my Cody trip.