Myself on Fungus, V4 (Little Cottonwood), Unnamed Seam, V4/5 (Ibex), Dem’ Bones, V3 (Joe’s), and the Angler, V2 (Joe’s) and Marc on Jack’s Slab, V2 (Little Cottonwood).

Joe’s Valley:  Micaela on Snake Bite V4, Macartney on Moby Dick V6, Jo on Chit V4, Joe on Jitterbug Perfume V10, David on Super Sloper V3, myself on Chips V6/7 and Kyle on We Call Him Michael V10

Triassic:  Ho on Half and Half (Low) V7, Macartney on Lemonhead V6, Ho on Unknown Arete V5, David on Homemade Goodness V5 and Ho on Eon Blue Apocalypse V6.

Joe’s Valley – Stand Up V7/8 (Myself), Worst Case Scenario V9 (Macartney), Pockadoodle V2/3 (Ho), Battletoads V10 (HAPS), and Contact V5 (Kelsey)

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