Whiskey Gulch

Myself on the Cornballer, V2, Fungislide, V3, Little Debbie’s Fried Chicken Fury, V4, and Dayman, V1.

Jeff Webber on Close Shave, V2, the Seamstress, V2, and MBaH, V4.

Ryan Holm on  Deaf Zone, V8 and Flush, V7, Dan Frazer on Pasta, Gummi Bears, and Zombies, V4, and myself on the Racist Badger, V2.

Ryan Holm on the Italian Job, V5 and myself on Globe Trotter, V3.

Myself on Pasta, Gummi Bears and Zombies V4, Mushroom Cloud Laying MoFo V4, Furry Paws V5 and Pining for Frigidity V3.

Myself on Encephalitis V6, Ho on Lap Dances are So Much Better When the Stripper is Crying V8, K-Bone on Wave Runner V3, myself on Slashface V0 and Ho on Seniled V?

Myself on Relish the Dog V4 and Ring of Fire (Right) V2

Under Siege V6 (Ho), Pinecone Pez Dispenser V6 (HAPS) & the White Whale V3 (HAPS)

Myself on three Whiskey classics – the Pope’s Penis V7, Inertia V6 and Emphysema Traverse Low V4+

Myself on Fe Fi Fo Fum V7

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