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Some Screenshots

As I mentioned before, I take a lot of video while I’m out bouldering alone.  For one reason or another the majority of the footage doesn’t end up on youtube.  Here’s some screenshots from my video footage from the last year:

Ring of Fire Right V2, FA - Whiskey Gulch, MT (Seq-knar spotting)


Peder's Demise V1 - Whiskey Gulch, MT


Better Eat Your Corndogs V6 - Lost Horse Canyon, MT


Inertia V6 - Whiskey Gulch, MT


the Kind V5 - RMNP, CO


Unnamed V6 - RMNP, CO


Aces High V4, FA - Cascade Creek, MT


Magnum V6 - Cascade Creek, MT

Breakdown V4, FA - Beartooths, MT


Project - Hollowtop Valley (Tobacco Roots), MT


Henry to EC - "WTF?"


Sunny Slab V0, FA - Beartooths, MT


A River Runs Through It V3, FA - Upper Mason Lake (Tobacco Roots), MT


the Topus V5 - Ibex, UT


Squeeze Problem V6 - the Poudre, CO (Full Disclosure - I didn't send...)

And last, but not least… my next post will be from here:

The Land of Milk and Honey - 4 days away.




As I said, the next stop was Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, home of the famed Chaos Canyon.  A few notes about “the Park”:

-Expect tourists, lots and lots of tourists.  I’m guessing the parking lot holds about 200 cars and it was full when I arrived the second day (on a Tuesday morning!).  Luckily as I was driving around the lot, debating on whether to deal with the 4 mile shuttle with two crash pads, a spot opened up and I snagged it.  On the hike, you will pass a tourist about every minute and they will all ask you the exact same thing, “You spending the night?”

-Expect pros.  I met 3 world class boulderers and all three were very down to earth and kind.  Two of them warmed up on a mini-project of mine and were gracious enough to hang out and spot me for an extra 15 minutes.

-The hike ain’t that bad.  To Lower Chaos and Emerald Lake it’s about a 40 minute gradual uphill hike.  If it weren’t for the 10,000 foot elevation, the hike would be pretty casual for most MT boulderers.  Even with the elevation it’s not nearly as bad as I thought.  I’m sure Upper Chaos is a lot more of a pain, but I didn’t make it up there.  Speaking of the elevation, I didn’t seem to notice it on the hike, but I was sucking wind while doing/trying longer problems.  It took me a lot longer to recover after trying long problems as well.

-If you’re a V10+ boulderer you should move to Estes Park and go to Chaos every chance you can get.  It is stacked with rediculous and aesthetic mutant problems.  If you’re not a mutant, spend a week.  I only spent two days at RMNP and I was already felt like I was running out of V6 and under problems.  If you can’t boulder V3, don’t bother going.  One of my favorite things to do at a new area is to cruise around the easier classics, but they are few and far between at the Park.

-If you do go, buy the guidebook by Jamie Emerson.  Chaos Canyon is a place that would be incredibly easy to get lost, but the guidebook does a great job of getting you where you want to go.  Highly recommended.

Here’s a few photos:

Parking lot for Chaos Canyon and Emerald Lake - 99% Tourists

Lake Haiyaha and Upper Chaos


The amazing Bushpilot Boulder - Bushpilot (V11) goes straight up and Freaks of the Industry (V13) follows crimps out right

Chaos Canyon Gneiss

The Gear

The Kind Wall - Emerald Lake

Breakfast of Champions - Jimmy Dean & Eggs

Sunset over Vedauwoo on the way back

the Tetons on the way back