Yankee Jim Canyon, MT

Myself on Stronghold, V2, Way Out (Stand), V3, and Jars of Clay, V3+


Joe Meiners on the FA of Five Foot Punch V4, Big Crimpin’ V8, and Lunge Left V6/7.  All three problems are in the Narnia Cave high above Yankee Jim Canyon.


Holmer on Mr. Leslie V6, Texas Joe on the Rabbit Hole V11 (First Ascent) and Hang Like a Monkey V7 and Ho on Megan V5.  Video by Joe “Texas” Meiners.


Myself on Crazy Train V0, the Devil’s Right Hand V4, and Peacemaker V2.


Myself on Chevy Traverse V3, Far Out V5 (got upgraded…), Ram-a-lama-ding-dong V5, and the Ram’s Horn V1/2/3.

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