Hidden Valley & Cascade

A few photos from the last couple weeks:


K-Bone sending '36-24-36'


Topping Out

EC on 'Foxey' (photo by K-Bone)


K-Bone sending 'the Ram's Horn'



EC - 'Fire in the Hole' (photo by Ho)


EC - 'Magnum' (photo by Ho)

Ho - 'Seizure of Strength'

Lastly is a vid of Ho doing the FA of a gorgeous new line at Cascade – ‘Fear Factor’.  Technically it’s the 2nd ascent since I was blowing it with the video camera and ran out of space just before Ho climbed it the first time.  I deleted some footage off and made him climb it again.  Isaac would be proud!


2 responses to “Hidden Valley & Cascade

  1. where’s this hidden valley at? have you checked out the east side of yankee jim? lots of big boulders up there…

  2. Yaya! That was cool

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