Caught in the Act-ion

Whiskey season is in full effect.  As I said in my last post, Ho did the top-out to “Caught in the Act” last week, calling it “the Thing” V8.  Finishing what he started, Ho went back on Sunday and completed the sit start to “the Thing” naming it “the Thing with Two Heads” V9.  He also did the long awaited full line of “Caught in the Act” into “the Thing” calling it “Caught in the Thing” V10.

Missing out on all the action at Whiskey, I spent the weekend down in Cody.  Here’s a video that I put together of a few of the problems I did.

Lastly, I didn’t include Jon Scott, “JS”, in the setters for FGD in my last post cause I didn’t have a photo of him that would do him justice.  But, I did a quick search of the old interweb and scrounged one up.



See y’all at FGD X!


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