Are You Ready? FGD X is near!!!

Just over a week until the best climbing competition in the Northern Rockies.  The 10th installment of Full Gravity Day is going down Saturday, Nov. 6 at Spire Climbing Center.  For more info and to register online go here.  As usual it’s going to be some of the coolest problems you’ll ever climb on, set by the likes of:



“JM” (I dare you to guess the problem he’s eyeing)








and of course, the man with the plan, “HO”

Speaking of Ho, he FA’d the top-out to the infamous Whiskey problem Caught in the Act yesterday calling it “the Thing” V8-ish (starting on the finish jug of CitA).  The complete line including the Caught in the Act traverse hasn’t been done yet, but I’m guessing someone will take it down quite soon now that it’s possible.

Anyways, you’ve got just over a week, more than enough time to train… FGD X is near!!!



4 responses to “Are You Ready? FGD X is near!!!

  1. Holy S… the top out to CIA?!! I’ve looked at that forever. The top out looks thin. I wonder how difficult the link up will go at?

  2. Mecha-Streisand?

  3. C’mon Ho, doesn’t count if you were the one that made us go there. Plus, I would bet that you still had to look up the name of it…
    Joe – I’m curious as well as to the overall difficulty of CitA + the Thing. I would think you’d get a ridiculously good rest on the jug. Give me five years of training and maybe I’ll be able to try it and let you know what I think. BTW, I think there was a crew going out there today so it may have already gone down…

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