Upcoming Bozeman Climbing Events

Just got back from back from Cascade Creek where I put up a couple really, really good V4s.  One vertical/techy (“Four is Cosmic”), the other steep, thuggy and pumpy (“Fire in the Hole”).  I got vids of both so hopefully I’ll get around to posting it up soon.  Anyways there’s quite a few climbing related events coming up in Bozeman that I thought I’d share:

-Reel Rock Film Tour, Friday 7:00PM at the Emerson.  It’s looks pretty good. Ueli Steck is an animal.  Watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

-The Tour de Hyalite, Sat Sept. 25th.  If you enjoy climbing after running fifteen mile to a peak this is the event for you.  More info on the facebook event page here.  Depending on the weather it can range from a fun trail run to epic.  One of the more epic years:

-Lastly, there will be a Five Ten shoe demo at Spire Climbing on Wednesday, September 29th.  It’s seems like Five Ten usually brings the full arsenal, so if you want to try some on that’ll be a great time to.


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