Lost Horse Festival 2010

Headed out to the Lost Horse Climbing Festival over the weekend with a bunch of other Bozemaniacs.  Good times were had by all.  Brandon, Jarred and I even got a tour of the some of the goods up at Lolo thanks to local Sam Johnson.  Instead of too many specifics I’ll just say that everybody sent a lot of stuff (except for me at Lolo…).  Plus, y’all just want pictures anyway, right?  Here you go.

Holmer, Pat and Brandon showing the sequence on one of my favorite problems of all time, Montana Meathook V5 at Lost Horse.  All 3 flashed it with ease.

Holmer trying hard on the South Face of the John Wayne Boulder V7 at Lost Horse:

Holmer finishing up the Duke V4 at Lost Horse, another of my favorites:

Jarred sending Hooray for Boobies SDS V7 at Lolo (photo by Sam):

Jarred & Kelsey’s dog, Tisha, the cutest puppy ever (photo by Sam):

Brandon sending a V6-ish problem at Lolo that we were calling Dusl Driver in honor of Frank “I don’t get pumped any more, I just lose contact strength” Dusl.

Lastly, here’s a little vid that I shot Friday night of myself on MT Meathook.  I did it this spring pretty quickly so I was a little worried when I couldn’t even pull onto the wall at first.  Once I warmed up it went a little easier:


3 responses to “Lost Horse Festival 2010

  1. That mono problem on the Beautiful Boulder is called Not In Public, btw.

  2. Glad you guys got to see a glimpse of Dean and my area. Guide book coming out this spring. Lolo is a quite a bit harder and better than the old horse. Check out the blog of mine for updates n shit. Sam is a tool!

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