Best Weekend Ever?

Another stellar weekend is in the bag.  I’ll try to summarize shortly.

Whiskey – Ho did most of the hard problems at the Urinal (on his birthday).  Jo did the Batholith Stem project… with ease.  It’s in the guide as a possible V17+, so it may be Montana’s first V17.  Jarred sent a bunch of stuff that was new to him and got close on Tuna Juice.  I did a bunch of my favorites in the Sudden Valley and finished up the day by sending my 6 year project on the Conehead Boulder.  It’s always nice to do something new at the older Whiskey areas, but it’s even nicer when it’s something that I’ve been trying ever since my first visit to Whiskey.

Cascade Creek – Holmer, Abby and I put up ten new problems from V0 to V9.  Holmer sent a cool V9 FA below the Lava Pit that he called Magma Man.  Abby sent a couple of her first outdoor boulder problems, including a first ascent.  I sent my project in the Lava Pit, the Lava Lunge Traverse first try of the day.  All in all it was one of the best weekends I’ve had bouldering.  Great friends, perfect conditions, and lots of sending by everyone.  Here’s the pics.

Jarred close to sticking the crux deadpoint on Flush V7

Ho trying the bad beta before sending Passage to Nagoya V8:

Jarred working Tuna Juice V10:

Jo sending CCC V5:

Holmer just before getting the FA of Magma Man V9:


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  1. Pickens; strong like ox

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