New Vids

Here’s a couple new videos I put together.  The first is from my Utah excursion last weekend.  It has a couple problems from Little Cottonwood, one from Ibex, and a couple from Joe’s.  It also shows some of the other recreational activities available at Ibex.  Thanks to Megan for Little Cottonwood footage.

The second is a couple classic problems from Whiskey Gulch.  It includes Holmer on the Italian Job, an awesome V5-ish (VERY subjective grade me thinks) that was first climbed by Jeff Ho last year.  Ho did it completely different than how Holmer and I did, but either way it’s a really unique climb, that might be my new favorite problem at Whiskey.  The other is myself on Globe Trotter, a classic “old” problem at Whiskey.  The guide has it down as V5, but I think it’s settling in around V3.  It’s a really fun problem with a great view.  Enjoy!

Also, since I’m going to start using it in all my videos, I’ve also got to give one more shout out to Jeff Ho for taking the lichen photo that is starting to become the face of  Thanks again Jeff!


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