Utah Triple Threat

Last weekend I made the drive down to Salt Lake to meet up with Marc, Megan, and Adam.  Megan and Adam flew in from Michigan to do a marathon so it was a climbing trip for me and a running trip for them, while Marc dabbled in both.  I started with Little Cottonwood on Thursday and Friday.  I somehow managed to do three problems that I was gunning for: Surfboard Arete, Smiley Right, and Fungus.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos.

Next up, after Megan and Adam crushed the marathon and Marc stumbled through the half marathon we headed to Ibex, the premier redneck climbing destination.  I’d been to Ibex 3 times before, once it was 95 and way too hot, once it was 30 with 40mph winds, and the other time was on the way back from Bishop and I was too tired to climb.  So essentially this was my first climbing trip to Ibex.  It has to be one of the most unique bouldering areas in the nation.  Lot’s of great climbs, but most of the mega classics seem to start around V7.  I worked on the Topus, V5 for a while, which Marc got quickly.  It’s a great problem, that’s well worth the drive.  Here’s some photos of Marc sending the Topus and a few other from Ibex.  Some Bozemanites may recognize a couple names on the old car…

Marc on the Topus, V5

Marc on the Topus, V5

Shootin' Sand

Ibex Cliffs

Bozemanites Representin'

I finished up the Utah Trifecta at Joe’s Valley on Monday while everyone else headed back to SLC/Michigan.  Again, no photos, but I did get some decent video that I’ll post up soon, hopefully.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, too.


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  1. Sah-weet.

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