Hueco/J Tree Vids

I finally got around to editing a couple short videos from my February road trip to Hueco.  I spent most of the trip in Hueco, but I also stopped at Joshua Tree on the way back.  Unfortunately I didn’t take too much video in Hueco, but I did manage to get a couple of easy classics on film.  The first problem in the Hueco vid is supposed to be the best V2 in world, Nobody Here Gets Out Alive.  It was a really good problem, but I wouldn’t say it’s best V2 in the world.  The second is Orifice Affair, another classic climb on the namesake huecos.  I really hope people don’t overlook the easy problems at Hueco.  I did a lot more memorable easy problems than hard (for me) problems.

The problems in the Joshua Tree vid are False Blockhead SDS and the Yabo Roof.  False Blockhead SDS is a pretty cool atypical J Tree problem.  A couple big bouldery moves leads to easier climbing, very fun.  Yabo Roof is a dabby sit start that leads to the purest mantle I’ve ever done.  I was pretty psyched to learn how to do that kind of mantle.  Enjoy!


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