Cascade & TRoots

We had a great crew up at Cascade last Sunday so I once again have some photos to post up.  Joe and Griffin were in town from SLC for the weekend along with Alex, Ho, Isaac and myself.  We spent the entire day on two of the best boulders Cascade has to offer – the Explosive Boulder and the Haunted Space Mansion.  As usual, everyone crushed:

Joe – Fire in the Hole V4


Griffin – Fire in the Hole V4


Griffin – TNT V7 (3 Points of Contact…)


Joe – TNT V7 (Zero Points of Contact…)


Joe – TNT V7 – Not a great photo, but I love Griffin’s expression.


Ho – FA of Intergalactic Jellyfish V6 – Brilliant Slab!

Alex – Intergalactic Jellyfish V6


Joe – Project

Griffin – Project


Isaac didn’t wear a bright shirt so no action photos. Might as well wear camo…

Besides Cascade, I’ve been getting up to the Tobacco Roots a lot recently too.  I’ve had a few days at North Willow Creek and a few more days at the Mason Lakes.  I put together a short video of two of the best problems I’ve done in the TRoots – the Interplanetary Insanitarium and Stone Cold Crazy.

The I.I. is an amazing one move wonder dyno.  I could barely pull off the ground when I first tried the I.I. in 2010.  Last year I progressed to being able to generate and almost touch the hold you dyno to.  This year when I made it back last month, I was able to get to the hold but didn’t feel too close to sticking it.  I got into a little better shape and succeeded last Saturday.  Definitely one of the best problems I’ve put up!  It was really great to have the multi-year progression on it as well.

The other problem, Stone Cold Crazy, I put up in June while there was still snow.  I mentioned it in this post.  As I suspected, the problem went from safe with snow to highball-jumbled-talus without snow.  This problem would be a very serious endeavor without the safety blanket of snow.  Enjoy!



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  1. Names of climb have changed over the years long gone are the Easy Chimney and Wide Crack.Still good climbing and good video,

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