TRoots & some more Ten Sleep

A couple weekends ago I made it out to the Tobacco Roots to check out some potential boulder.  While the Pony fire was raging, I started searching for other options in the TRoots.  The best option I could find was a basin up above South Willow Creek, only a short 3 mile hike from the trailhead.  Easy, right?  While the first mile was a simple uphill hike on a trail, the last two miles was off trail and very nasty.  By the time I hit the boulders, 3 hrs later, the blue skies had turned to overcast and within another hour the clouds turned to a steady rain.  I had just enough time to explore the first boulder field before I had to hide for cover and eventually make the multi-hour trek back in the rain.  The boulders I saw looked pretty good, but I’m not sure if the hike to them was justified.  Worth another exploratory trip – but not anytime soon, too many closer areas.  I forgot my camera so here’s some iPhone photos from the day:

Note big Organic pad for scale


The field I explored.


Hauled the pad around for 8 hours and didn’t even use it…


This last weekend I headed back to Ten Sleep to meet up with the Groseths and do some fantastic sport climbs.  They put up  some great photos and a wrote up a few of their bullet points took place while I was there.  Check it out here.  A few more photos:

Ten Sleep Saloon

Jess – Weight of the World 5.12a


Peder – Team Whiny Baby 5.12c/d (Peder warmed up by onsighting it…)


Rattlesnake!!! Yes, there’s rattlesnakes at Ten Sleep (Whiny Baby Wall)


EC – Cloud Peak Vista Traverse Company 5.11a


EC displaying perfect leg shake form on the Cloud Peak Vista Traverse Company 5.11a


Until next time,


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