Ten Sleep, ‘Merica

Jess on Kyber Space 5.13b – Jess sent this a few days after I left!

Jess – Kyber Space 5.13b

Jess – Happiness in Slavery 5.12b

EC – Suck the Nipple 5.11b (Flash) (Photo by Jess)

SHo concentrating real hard while sending Center El Shinto, 5.12b

SHo – Center El Shinto 5.12b

Berkeley and Jarred hanging out at camp

Groseth’s cleaning house at the lake

Myself hitting the second dyno on Shaft’s Big Score, 5.11c/d. This was my ‘Merican flag route on the 4th of July. If you like dynos – do it! (photo by Peder)

Peder – Heart, Balls, Swagger 5.13b/c. Bizarre line… (photo by Jess)

Peder – Superfly 5.12c/d (OS). While I was there Peder systematically onsighted a 5.12+ each day we were at the Slavery roof. He onsighted the Burden of Immortality (5.12d/5.13a), Aunt Jemima’s Bisquick Thunderdome (5.12d), Crown Prince Abdullah (5.12d), and Superfly. It didn’t even look like he struggled on any of them – very impressive.

Peder – Superfly 5.12c/d

Myself flashing Moltar!!! (5.12a) (photo by Peder)

Ten Sleep

Jess flashing Napoleon’s Highchair, 5.12a/b

I’ve got a new Tobacco Root’s boulder field scoped out and if it pans out they’ll hopefully some photos early next week.  Wish me luck!


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