Sweathouse Creek

Brandon Rennie gave us a tour of Sweathouse Creek, south of Missoula, last Sunday.  It’s a nice cluster of granite boulders about a mile hike from the trailhead.  Good movement and good enough stone make it worth at least one trip.  Don’t miss “Chinese New Year” (V4), “Maverick” (V9) and everything on the Bear Grass Boulder.  Corey Piersol put together a nice guide and website for the area HERE.  Here’s a few photos from the day:

The crew showing the sequence for “Chinese New Year”



Brandon (Photo by SHo)

EC (photo by SHo)

EC (photo by SHo)

Jeff crushing "Maverick"

Jeff finishing up "Maverick" (photo by SHo)

Thanks again for the tour Brandon, it was lot’s of fun!


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