Went to the Bitterroot for the long 4th of July weekend and spent Saturday up at Lolo.  Jeff, Sarah and I got a tour from Levi and Brandon and we were also joined by Missoulians Jesse, Hannah and Ben.  Good time on crazy rock.  Photos:

Jeff working out the "Way of the Samurai"

Brandon starting out "Hooray for Boobies SDS"

The best move in Montana?

Levi showing how it's done on "Flying Lotus"

Sending "the Alchemist" quickly wasn't good enough for Jeff so he worked on the obvious low start to it. Next go for sure...

Stay tuned for day 2 presenting Sweathouse Creek…



2 responses to “Lolo

  1. jeff did the alchemist?! sick! BISHES R JEALOUS HERE IN MY VAN

  2. Jeff was pretty much a kid in a candy store – sent about everything except “Way of the Samurai”. I think he got to the Boobies dyno 3 or 4 times and couldn’t stick it.

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