the Last Few Weeks…

Alright, haven’t posted in a while so I’m just going to see if I can put everything in one big post.

First off, I went to Yellowstone over Memorial weekend.  Didn’t get any bouldering in, but I took some photos that turned out ok so I though I’d share:

In between bouts of rain and roped climbing, I’ve managed to get out bouldering a bunch.  Spent a few days at Whiskey developing, climbing established obscurities, and taking photos/vids:

Care Bear Flake of Fright, V0

the Shortest Straw, V2

my spotter, Seq-knar

Also, made it out to Yankee Jim for a few days doing the same.  Have some good video of some excellent new problems right in the heart of the Locomotives (about 50ft from Gigarete), but I’ve got a couple more to finish up then I’ll post up video of them all.  Also, Ho and I found a nice little valley of boulders in Yankee Jim that are only about 10 minutes from the road.  Not gonna be another Locomotives, but it should produce at least a few good ones.  Should be more on that in the future as well.

Lastly, not bouldering related, the Bozeman area has two new 5.13’s, put up by the usual suspects – Jeff Ho and Kyle Vassilopoulos.  Jeff did “Swamp Thing” (mid 13) a line he bolted last year at the Swamp in Hyalite.  Kyle did “Vincent” (5.13d) a long standing project at Frog Rock.  Nice work guys!


One response to “the Last Few Weeks…

  1. ya mean, you went to yellowstone for memorial day 🙂

    labor day you should come to the ozarks. OZARKS. Tell seqgnardank that I said hiya.

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