After more than two months nursing a stress fracture from Bishop, I’m finally getting back into the game.  Unfortunately the spring weather in MT has been dashing killing most hopes of climbing.  Luckily the Ho’s are a lot more on the ball when it comes to checking and interpreting the weather.  After seeing the forecast for last weekend I assumed it was going to be a weekend of spring cleaning.  But, I got a call Sunday morning from ’em saying we’re heading out and you should too.  I did.  And it was a near perfect day.  I even managed to run a couple laps pain-free laps on Wave Runner, which is the hardest thing (by far) I’ve climbed since Bishop.  Here’s a few photos:

Sarah on Tweeker

Jeff on Cool Aid

Chloe chalking up. She climbed way more boulders than I did! (photo by Jeff)

Sarah on Tweeker (photo by Jeff)

Jeff eyeing down a new line right in the heart of Whiskey Proper.

The hike out.

As long as the finger holds up there should be plenty more where that came from.  This rain can’t last forever…


2 responses to “Whiskey

  1. Hey–
    I noticed that Alex’s website is down, and the last pdf I have to Whiskey is from 2003. Do you happen to have a more current one?

    Thanks a ton! If you need topos, I try to keep a bunch myself, so may be able to reciprocate with something useful.


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