More from Smith!

As promised, here’s some more photos from Smith:

Peder walking up Dreamin’ (5.12a R)

Peder – Scarface (5.14a)

Peder – Scarface (5.14a)

Peder – Scarface (5.14a)

1st class seat in Vandalf

Peder – Explosive Energy Child (5.10d R)

Jess – Heresy (5.11c)

Why you so wet Berkley?


Chillin’ halfway up Spiderman (5.7), photo by Jess

Attentive belay for Peder…  (photo by Jess)

Jess – Screaming Yellow Zonkers (5.10b)

Jess – Screaming Yellow Zonkers (5.10b)

EC – Heresy (5.11c), photo by Jess

Not quite bouldering, but hopefully it’ll keep ya’ psyched.




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