Super Sand Land!

Ho and I spent Saturday at the sandstone mecca of bouldering Billings, aka Super Sand Land.  Fortunately, Loren had to do his laundry so he was headed to Shepherd on Saturday and was able to join us for a day of good old fashioned Montana choss bouldering.  We were even joined by the local guidebook author Joel Anderson.  Unfortunately, Joel was nursing and injury so he wasn’t able to climb with us but we got a quick tour of the new Country Club area at the end of the day.  Make sure to pick up his excellent guide to Billings climbing at Spire or Steepworld.

If you’re itching to get some winter bouldering in and it’s looking a little chilly or snowy in the batholith check out Billings – there’s more than enough to keep anyone busy for at least a few days.  Here’s some photos:

Loren - Rave Ambition V5

Loren – Rave Ambition V7


EC – Rocky Top Orange Soda V5 (photo by Loren)


Standard Billings downclimb…


Loren – High Friction V7


Ho – Rocky Top Orange Soda V5 (photo by Loren)


Billings wildlife viewing!


Loren getting into character for Buck Hunter.


Also, speaking of Billings, the Montana Bouldering Championships at Steepworld is coming up soon on February 9th.  They’ve got a new expansion with a sweet new steep wall ready to go for the comp.  Better start training!

Montana Bouldering Championship - 2013

Hope to see you there!



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