Rimrocks, Steepworld and the Montana Cancan

We started off the weekend with an early start to Billings for the Montana Bouldering Championships.  But to fully justify the trip we decided a nice 3 hour warm-up at Zimmerman Park was in order.  Isaac showed us around his old stomping ground.  It may not be the MT sandstone mecca we all dream of, but if I lived in Billings I would head up there a lot.

Isaac (photo by Ho)

EC (photo by Ho)



Afterwards we headed to the comp at Steepworld, which was a lot of fun, but there were a few things that could have made it a little better – most notably, tighten down the holds!  I had five holds spin on me and I know there were a lot of others.  There was even a spinner in finals which is about the worst possible thing that can happen.  We all climbed well, with Ho doing great in finals against a stacked field of young guns.

Sunday, everybody rallied out to for a semi-lazy day at Whiskey.  I didn’t take as many photos as I should have, but I got a few at our last stop of the day – Montana Cancan, a sweet Moon kick dyno that I put up a little while ago.






One response to “Rimrocks, Steepworld and the Montana Cancan

  1. Oh boy, the Billings sandstone just so happens to be my stomping grounds (stomping choss) as well. Diamond X and Arvin are my favorite areas, but glad to see a bit of love for the east side any way. Out this weekend?

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