28 @ Whiskey

Last Saturday was my 28th Birthday.  In honor of myself, I did a circuit of 28 of my favorite problems.  I’ve wanted to do this for the last few years, but the odds are usually against bouldering any given day in December in Montana.  I lucked out this year, with absolutely perfect weather.  Probably the nicest conditions I’ve ever had at Whiskey.  I climbed all but two of the problems in a t-shirt.  Here’s my 28:

#1)  Daddy Bear V0 – This problem and the next five are all on the Family Wall.  If you’ve never been to it, you should .  My favorite warm-ups at Whiskey.

#2)  Little Nosey Girl Who Should Have Minded Her Manners V0

#3)  Grumpy Old Men V1

#4)  Local Legrand V1

#5)  Mama Bear V3

#6)  Baby Bear V2

#7)  Bon V0

#8)  Osteoporosis V3

#9)  Deltoids of Doom V4

#10)  Emphysema Traverse V4

#11)  Hail Mary V2

#12)  Hail Ben V0

#13)  Afterburner V3

#14)  Reign of Fire V5

#15)  Slashface V0

#16)  Relish the Dog V4

#17)  Blackened V0

#18)  Urinal Cake V0

#19)  Strawberry Shortcake’s Alcohol Infused Anger V4

#20)  Little Debbie’s Fried Chicken Fury V4+

#21)  the Italian Job V5

#22)  the Cornballer V2

#23)  Globe Trotter V3 – This is where things started to feel hard.

#24)  Young Jedi  V0+++

#25)  CCC V5 – I had fight to top this one out.  Definitely lost my power endurance by this point.

#26)  Hairy Palms V2/3/4 – Just about gave up on this, but figured out a slightly better way on my last ditch effort.

#27)  Fear of Friction V0

#28)  Wave Rider V1 – My only failure of the day.  While I was figuring out the 28 I wanted to do, I knew that I wanted to finish with Wave Runner.  I tried it a few times and pretty much got worse each go, no endurance at all.  I had to settle for Wave Rider.


Also, here’s a video of a few Whiskey classics I did in the fall:


Lastly, and easily the best – the Whitehall forecast for the weekend:

As Alek says, “Drink It Up”



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