Joe’s Valley – Part 2

More Photos!

Ho - Battletoads

Henry - Playmate of the Year

Ho - Playmate...

Fletcher - Playmate...

Fletcher - Playmate...

Henry - Playmate...

Ho - Proppa Dyno


Ho - Proppa Dyno

Henry - Proppa Dyno


And A Video!



2 responses to “Joe’s Valley – Part 2

  1. I didn’t know you stuck with the right heel beta, congrats again! Way to go with the slash grade too! Part 3?

  2. effing AWESOME Erik!! I love the video and photos. I gotta get back into bouldering shape so next time I head to FoCo I can grab rocks in the Poudre, although I don’t think I’ll be touching anything set by Sharma up the canyon. So many v8+.

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