Madison River Bouldering Guide

In honor of Loren Rausch‘s (aka Lolo (aka Euro Trash)) dirty thirtieth Birthday I present to you Madison River Bouldering, written by the man himself, Loren Rausch.  Loren is famous in the world-wide climbing scene for setting that amazing traversing boulder problem under the belly at Spire.  Yeah, you know the one… awkward, scrunchy, no feet, sandbagged – mega classic.  In all seriousness, Loren is a uber bad-ass and one of the best all-rounders I know.  He can crush any medium of climbing that gets in his way.

Loren sent me the guide a while ago and I’ve been meaning to put in on the site.  But, a combination of laziness, forgetfullness and less than ideal conditions in the Madison Valley prevented me from it up until now.  But, as long as it’s not raining conditions should be prime now.

To download the excellent guide click ‘Madison River Bouldering’ under the ‘Guides’ menu on the top of the page.  Enjoy!

The author, in his element:

This 30 year old man may be teaching your kids science someday.  You’ve been warned.  Happy Birthday Loren!



3 responses to “Madison River Bouldering Guide

  1. Haha classic… thanks Erik!

  2. Is it too hot this time of year to climb this area?! I read something about rattlesnakes and ticks… I’m concerned.

  3. Definitely too hot to climb here in the summer, in my opinion. The ticks should be long gone, but the rattlesnakes are likely out and about. I’d wait until at least September.


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