Bishop Week 1

Jarred getting dangerously close to being a Beefcake

Henry cruising through Feels Like a Barnacle

Myself failing on the crux of the Clapper for the 487th time

Henry sending Brians Project

Henry going big on SW Arete of the Grandma Peabody

Jarred beasting out on Toxic Avenger

Kelsey on High Plains Drifter

Prepping Evilution

Jarred on Evilution

Jarred on Evilution

More to come…


3 responses to “Bishop Week 1

  1. that picture of Henry on the SW arete is amazing!

  2. Eric! You are super talented!

  3. mr pickens’ arm looks like a cake of beef!

    and that mustashe; montana’s first climbing-pornstar? hope your killing it down there!

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