Alpine Granite Boulders!

Lower Mason Lake Boulders, I’ll let the pics do the talking.

Yeah, not too shabby.  About 2.5 hrs from Bozeman to the boulders.  I didn’t bring a pad, but there will probably be a padded mission this weekend (Sat?).  You want in?


4 responses to “Alpine Granite Boulders!

  1. holy crap balls, lets go!!!! let me know when!?

  2. oh snap! good find EC! look like it has a lot of potential…

  3. Hey man, could you tell me where this is?

    • It’s a talus field near Lower Mason Lake in the Tobacco Root Mountains. From Pony, it’s about 45 minutes drive on a nasty 4×4 road, then an easy 45 minute hike to the boulders. Probably still buried in snow, but I’ll be heading up there more starting July. Let me know if want to check it out sometime.


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