Summer is Here!

Here’s a few bullet points from the last few weeks.

-Went to the Black Hills of SD and fell off the last move of Orange Roughy, a super classic V6, after two days of work.  Didn’t send a single problem besides my warm-ups.  Really psyched on the bouldering there and I will be back for the better temps in the fall.

-Roped up outside for the first time since October (9 months!) and just about gave up twice on a 5.8 at Natural Bridge, but I made it, barely.  Pumped out half-way up a four bolt 5.10… on top rope.  Yep, I’m in awesome rope climbing shape.  It was still a fun day climbing with Jenn while she was on vacation from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

-Matt showed Ho and I a new bouldering area in the TRs today.  CRAZY HUGE BOULDERS!!!  A dozen house sized boulders in a small area.  I’m not talking 15 footers, real house sized boulders… some 40 feet tall.   Some comparable to the Grandpa Peabody in Bishop.  Way better than the Cataracts and N. Willow Boulders, but probably about an hour farther away, including a semi-rough hike.    We did about 10 new problems, with each of us getting the FA of an excellent problem.  I got pretty good video of the best 3 problems and I’ll post it up in a couple of days.  For now here’s a pic of Matt on a new semi-highball.  It’s only V1/2 to the lip, but the mantle is the crux (I didn’t even try the mantle).

-Lastly, for those curious, my knee has been doing really well.  I’ve been climbing on it, and doing everything else, just fine for about a month now.   The only thing I’ve been avoiding is heel-hooks like the one that caused it (right foot, toes pointing in), which is a pretty rare maneuver.


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