Last Cody Vid

I just got back from Spire, my first time climbing since I hurt my knee.  I felt pretty good.  I didn’t really try anything too hard, but I felt good on the easier stuff I tried.  I decided to start climbing a few days early because this weekend’s weather is looking really good and we’ve got a new area to develop (should be a lot more on this in the future…).

Anyways, here’s the last of my vids from Cody.  It includes the Tuk & Meat Hook on the super classic Antelope Boulder, Meet My Bruncle, and the Pulaski.  The Pulaski was a memorable problem for me because it was my first V6 and it was the problem that I tore my meniscus on (I tore it trying the sit start with a heel hook).  I’ve done a few problems “rated” V6 (Pocket Rocket at Joe’s for example), but this was the first one that actually felt harder than anything else I’ve done.  I think it’s low end V6, but I’ll take it.



One response to “Last Cody Vid

  1. sweet vid and nice job sending! cody is a lot of fun
    glad to hear you are climbing again, just don’t get hurt!!!

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