New Whiskey Bouldering, Work in Progress

I made this site mostly as a way to share the 150 (give or take) new problems at Whiskey Gulch, Montana that I know about. I’m hoping to have most of the guide finished and on here by this summer so stay tuned. For now, I’ve put up a video of one of the best new problems at Whiskey, “the Cornballer.” Also, if you did manage to somehow find this site and you want to go climb some new problems, let me know.


One response to “New Whiskey Bouldering, Work in Progress

  1. It’s nice to see so much new stuff going up around the batholith! I have been climbing out there a bit this winter, and it seems like I find a new area every time I get lost. I would love to see some of the stuff you are putting up, drop me a line anytime you need an extra pad/person, I have a pretty flexible schedule. Later, James – 406-370-7157

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