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Some Screenshots

As I mentioned before, I take a lot of video while I’m out bouldering alone.  For one reason or another the majority of the footage doesn’t end up on youtube.  Here’s some screenshots from my video footage from the last year:

Ring of Fire Right V2, FA - Whiskey Gulch, MT (Seq-knar spotting)


Peder's Demise V1 - Whiskey Gulch, MT


Better Eat Your Corndogs V6 - Lost Horse Canyon, MT


Inertia V6 - Whiskey Gulch, MT


the Kind V5 - RMNP, CO


Unnamed V6 - RMNP, CO


Aces High V4, FA - Cascade Creek, MT


Magnum V6 - Cascade Creek, MT

Breakdown V4, FA - Beartooths, MT


Project - Hollowtop Valley (Tobacco Roots), MT


Henry to EC - "WTF?"


Sunny Slab V0, FA - Beartooths, MT


A River Runs Through It V3, FA - Upper Mason Lake (Tobacco Roots), MT


the Topus V5 - Ibex, UT


Squeeze Problem V6 - the Poudre, CO (Full Disclosure - I didn't send...)

And last, but not least… my next post will be from here:

The Land of Milk and Honey - 4 days away.



Bishop Vids

As promised, a video of the Bozeman crews exploits that I made.  Enjoy!

Also, here’s another excellent vid that Jarred aka the Beast put together of Henry, Ho and Jon on Zen Flute:


Bishop Week 2

Xavier's Roof

Henry on Xavier's Roof

Henry on Xavier's Roof

Nobody sent but Ho's still happy

Jarred, aka the Beast

Grandma Peabody Patina

Myself sticking the finish jug on a contender for the best problem ever - Seven Spanish Angels (photo by SHo)

Ho on the Buttermilker

Jon on the Buttermilker

Jon shortly before sending Bubba Gets Committed

Jon shortly before sending Bubba Gets Committed

Pretty much sums up the trip for me...

Jarred crusing Rene

the Happies

Ho making short worky of the super sketchy Highbrow

Sarah on Iron Man

Video and maybe a short trip summary to come…